With over 40 years experience, Tugaloo House Movers, LLC. of Hartwell, Georgia, has moved houses, buildings, heavy equipment, bridges and various multi-ton objects over every kind of terrain in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida. We have also subcontracted our services to assist heavy movers across the nation.

Our company has undertaken many of the major and most publicized heavy moving jobs in the southeastern regions, including the moving of many historic buildings. Our customers benefit from the pride of heavy movers whose business bears it’s name and cumulative experience.

As structural movers, we are committed to using the most modern, up-to-date house moving equipment, engaging the latest in house raising and moving technology, including the Unified Hydraulic Jacking System.

Tugaloo House Movers, LLC. is fully licensed and bonded for your protection. Your project will have the utmost care to prevent any type of damage to your structure. Our insurance includes General Liability and Workers Compensation.